I offer an initial meeting, free of charge, to discuss how I work and for you to get to know me a little and ask me as many questions as you like.  This is usually over a cup of tea for 45-60 minutes either at your home or our out at a location. 


After this initial meeting to see if we are suited to each other, if you wish to move forwards with me as your doula I will be available to support you throughout your pregnancy in person, by telephone, skype or email.  We will also arrange our formal birth preparation sessions before the on call period begins for birth.






We will have two sessions before your due date, each time for a few hours.  These sessions will be tailored to suit you but ideally it would be both you and your partner and somewhere comfortable.  These sessions will be tailored to suit you, depending on the kinds of choices you make for your birth and what would be most helpful for you.  


During these sessions we may:


  • Talk about and write down birth preferences.

  • Look at labour, the stages, the birth hormones, the process. 

  • Explore coping mechanisms and how your partner and doula can support you in your birthing.

  • Explore any fears surrounding birth and parenting.

  • Watch birth material or listen to audios. 

  • Looking at positions, physical support and massage for labour.

  • Talk about any previous births or those of other stories you have heard that may affect how you are feeling regarding your upcoming labour/birth.

  • Look at and practice some relaxation and breathing techniques

  • Talk about and write down post natal preferences, what might you want/ need after the baby has arrived? what kind of support you might need from friends and family and help to put this in place. 

  • Discuss how you want to feed your baby, provide balanced information about breast feeding and bottle feeding and look at how to prepare for this. 




I will go on call for you from 38 weeks until your baby is born. 

As your ‘due date’ approaches I am available to you for as much contact and support as you need.  

Once your labour has started, you or your partner will let me know so I can ready myself and come to you soon as you need me. During your labour I can provide offer:


  • Help hold space for you and your partner wether that be at home in a hospital or birth centre.  I act as your 'Birth Advocate'. 

  • Protect and support your birth preferences and ensure that others are aware of them too. 

  • Offer suggestions with coping for labour.

  • Provide large birthing balls.

  • Help with the practical aspects of labour (preparing birth pool, making snacks, phone calls, helping with other children if they are present)

  • Provide a familiar, loving and reassuring presence no matter where you labour.

  • I will usually stay (depending on circumstances) for a few hours after the birth of your baby to ensure your bonding with your baby and your environment meets your needs. 

  • I will be around should your baby require any medical attention to support you and your partner. 

  • I can make/bring you some food, run a bath, help you with your first feed with your baby and then when you are all feeling relaxed I will leave you in peace to enjoy family time together.




I offer 2 postnatal visits.  The first visit is often within the first few days, and the second will be within the first 6 weeks. 

These visits are an opportunity to debrief your birth experience and supporting you in ways such as:

  • breastfeeding support. 

  • A light hand at washing, cooking or tidying. 

  • Help with your recovery.

  • Support you in caring for your baby.

  • Simply hold your baby whilst you have a hot bath. 


The total for the Birth Package is £600


A deposit of £200 is payable on signing of contracts, with the balance due by 37 weeks.